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Cartersville City Schools
P.O. Box 3310
15 Nelson Street
Cartersville, GA 30120
          770-387-7476 (FAX)




Dr. Howard Hinesley 770-382-5880
Superintendent Email Dr. Howard Hinesley
Mr. Ken Clouse 770-382-5880
Assistant Superintendent Email Mr. Ken Clouse
Lisa Bell 770-387-4710
Schools Foundation Director Email Lisa Bell
Kim Black 770-387-5578
Transportation Supervisor Email Kim Black
Christina Brumme 770-387-4717
School Nutrition Coordinator Email Christina Brumme
Vicky Durham 770-387-4711
Director of Community Relations Email Vicky Durham
Richard Dyke 770-387-4714
Finance Director Email Richard Dyke
Joy Early 770-387-4713
Payroll & Benefits Clerk Email Joy Early
Lori Eastin 770-387-4730
Student Data Specialist Email Lori Eastin
Elise Eubanks 770-387-4725
Special Programs Secretary Email Elise Eubanks
Diane Hassler 770-382-5880
Media Specialist Coordinator Email Diane Hassler
Maria Hoffman 770-387-4723
School Social Worker Email Maria Hoffman
Kristy Hovers 770-387-5571
Technology Director Email Kristy Hovers
Tracey Morris 770-387-4721
School Nutrition Director Email Tracey Morris
Tonya Nally 770-387-4721
Accounting Clerk Email Tonya Nally
Ken Paige 770-387-5578
Director of Facilities & Operations Email Ken Paige
Linda Patterson 770-387-4706
School Board Secretary Email Linda Patterson
Lynne Payne 770-387-4734
Curriculum Secretary Email Lynne Payne
Annabel C Rodriguez 770-387-4732
Parent & Family Engagement/ESOL/Migrant Coordinator Email Annabel Rodriguez
Audra Saunders 770-387-4735
Director of Curriculum & Accountability/Title I Email Audra Saunders
Scott Smart 770-387-4729
School Psychologist Email Scott Smart
Jackie Smith 770-387-4712
Accounting Clerk Email Jackie Smith
Terri Bell Tinsley 770-387-4724
School Psychologist Email Terri Bell Tinsley
Dr. Susan Tolbert 770-387-4725
Director of Special Programs Email Dr. Susan Tolbert
Christa Vosburgh 770/387-4716
Payroll Manager Email Christa Vosburgh
Mr. Dean Williams 770-387-7483
Maintenance Supervisor Email Mr. Dean Williams
Paula Lyon Womack 770-387-4722
School Social Worker Email Paula Womack