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                                                         Whether you are already a Cartersville Hurricane or just beginning to explore the  opportunity, we invite you to explore all aspects of this website to better  and familiarize yourself with our school system.  Of course the best way to learn about Cartersville is to visit us. In the meantime, however, we hope you will find the information here informative and valuable. Thank you for visiting our site.

We take our motto, “Making It Personal,” very seriously. Cartersville has a longstanding tradition as an excellent school system and it is our desire and intent to continue to provide a quality education for each of our students.  We are a school system, not a system of schools.  Everyone in Cartersville is a Purple Hurricane, and we wear that mantle with pride and responsibility.

The Cartersville Board of Education has developed a Strategic Plan which emphasizes highest student achievement, effective communication, efficient operations, and accountability. This Strategic Plan provides the framework for all system personnel to use in focusing on planning and deployment efforts toward the system’s goals, and on reporting results. The plan provides clear directions for schools and departments to align their improvement efforts. It also provides a set of priorities that will be aligned with the resources in our continuous improvement efforts. Schools are expected to use the plan to build their individual school improvement plans, aligned with their resources and expected results. If you see ways we can improve our communication services to you, please feel free to email us and share your suggestions. Please send related emails to


  The Tradition Lives . . .

   and it lives through the Cartersville City Schools. As a high-performing, family oriented public school system, the Cartersville School’s mission is to prepare students with the knowledge and skills to live successful and productive lives. The cornerstone of this preparation emphasizes a partnership with the family and community. The school system believes that the inclusion of all stakeholders – faculty, staff, parents, students, and community – enhances opportunities for success and promotes a trusting and positive environment for each student.

Our schools provide an age-appropriate, student-centered learning environment based upon challenging curriculum and high expectations. The theme of our vision statement "A Tradition of Excellence - Making It Personal" emphasizes the system’s commitment for excellence and the success of each student. This commitment starts with a rigorous curriculum designed to support the development of a healthy and accomplished student. It cultivates extensive knowledge and academic skills, a passion for learning, civic responsibility, and physical and emotional well being. The system also provides a vast range of extra-curricular activities designed to help students discover and develop individual talents and interests. Involvement in competitive sports, the fine arts, academic teams, civic clubs or service leadership promotes growth in character, enhances skill development, expands leadership opportunities, and compliments academic scholarship.

The city school system is comprised of four award-winning, high-achieving schools. The tradition starts at Cartersville Primary, Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd grade, where interactive, hands-on learning experiences in this caring environment provide the foundation for success. Reading and math skills are strongly emphasized within the core academics along with excellent programs in music, art, computer skills, and physical education.

As the journey continues, Cartersville Elementary (Grades 3-5) provides a curriculum and instruction that links facts and concepts to real world experiences. Continued emphasis on reading, math and language arts is coupled with strong instruction in science and social studies. Students also continue in music, art, computer skills, and physical education to further promote the education of the whole student.

Cartersville Middle serves our students in Grades 6-8. The goal of this school is to balance a rigorous curriculum with the growth and developmental changes associated with the middle school student. Students have choices along their area of strengths and interests. Students may choose year-long courses in band, choral music, or Spanish as well as classes in computer, technology, art, and personal skills. Additionally, students are encouraged to participate in a variety of growth opportunities afforded through athletics, clubs, and extra-curricular activities.

Cartersville High provides a schedule allowing students to take 7 classes over the course of a year and the opportunity to earn a diploma of meaning and substance. Students are presented a broad curriculum designed to challenge the intellect and engage the spirit. A variety of courses designed to provide students with the opportunity to become self-regulated, define their own learning goals, and evaluate their own achievement are offered. Advanced placement courses in English, math, social studies, science, art, music, and foreign language culminate a standards-based curriculum which prepares students for the future. Career/technical programs in automotive technology, business/information technology, drafting, video production, aeronautics, and graphic arts provide students entry-level preparation in each of these fields. Athletic and extra-curricular programs abound at the high school level so that every student has a chance to be engaged in the high school experience.

Graduates of the Cartersville City Schools testify to the quality of program, the commitment to excellence, and the preparation for their future. This success is reflected in excellent state and national test results, a high graduation rate, and the caliber of the student moving on to post-secondary education or joining the work force.

Come, join the tradition!

Our Vision

A Tradition of Excellence...                                                                               

                                           Making It Personal!

Our Mission

A Tradition . . .
In preparing students for the challenges of progress and change
Through development of the skills necessary to become lifelong learners
In order that they may live successful and productive lives.

Our Core Values

Leaders set direction by creating a student-focused learning climate, provide clear and visible values, and establish high expectations.

Focusing on the purpose through consistency and alignment validates the system mission and gives direction to the system.

A passion for the success of each student is the most important driver of success for the school system.

All students are provided a learning-centered education which is based upon high expectations and a viable curriculum.

The rights of each individual (student, staff member, parent) are valued and each is held accountable for his or her respective responsibilities.

Systemic process improvement sustains the mission of preparing students with the knowledge and skills to live successful and productive lives.

All staff members bring value to the system through a commitment to teamwork, support, and a climate of collegiality and add quality to the educational process.

The inclusion of all stakeholders enhances the opportunity for success and promotes a trusting and positive environment.

Fundamental to a positive culture is the advancement of critical character traits such as respect, responsibility, citizenship, cooperation, caring, courage, perseverance, fairness, self-discipline and honesty.

System Profile

Student Population = ~ 4208 (2013-2014)
Teachers = 269
Budget = $ 33,554,500 (2013-2014)
2013 Millage Rate = 18.23
Average expenditure per student = $ 8691.24 (2012)
Georgia Average expenditure per student = $ 8550.84 (2012)
Average Daily Attendance = 95.9 % (2012-2013)

[Updated October 2013]

Organizational Chart

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